4 steps on how to be the best in social media – the ASICS WAY

We all know that Social Media marketing is crucial to promote your brand. We also know that there are a lot of business fighting to grab the attention. With so much traffic and people being bombarded with streams of information, it is hard to stand out form the crowd.

In this editorial, discover how ASICS have been successfully engaging fans, telling their story and winning customers with multi their multi marketing strategy on various social media platforms.

The ASICS way is a social media story of being associated with the best in sports, having fun and knowing the customers who they want to engage with.

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INTRODUCTION: The Stats behind ASICS success.
ASICS have over 1,336,046 Facebook Fans with enviable engagement statistics of 1,445 likes for this week and most engaged with 18-24 year olds. The prime purchasers in the Athletic Sportswear.

2,396 followers on Google+.

Since May 2009 they have achieved:
7,507 #MyASICS twitter follower.
54,990 #ASICSAmerica Followers.
14,245 #ASICSAustralia Followers.
20,000 #ASICSEurope followers.

19,039 You Tube Subscribers. http://www.youtube.com/user/ASICSvideo
9,924 You Tube America Subscribers. http://www.youtube.com/user/ASICSAmerica

137,565 followers on http://instagram.com/asics
49,976 Brazil followers
41,242 in Australia
3,891 in Europe
3,372 in America

2,982 followers in America: http://www.pinterest.com/asicsamerica/
504 followers in Europe: http://www.pinterest.com/asicseurope/
394 in Brazil: http://www.pinterest.com/asicsbrasil/
107 in Australia: http://www.pinterest.com/asicsaustralia/

ASICS lives, breathes and feels Sports. They are enthusiastic about sports and use technology and people to provide the best product. On a regular basis, ASICS Athletes pay a visit to Kobe. The first goal of seeking a visit is of course to make sure the athlete can have shoes and apparel that are tailor-made to the exact standards of their body. The second purpose is that ASICS work with the athletes and their coaches, who represent the absolute best in several disciplines, provides greater knowledge and experience in order to make an even better product in the future.

ASICS are pioneers of using technology to improve the performance of their brands. This was evident in their first manufacture of the basketball shoes by founder Mr Kihachiro Onitsuka (Onitsuka Co. Ltd)in 1949 in Kobe, Japan. Mr Onitsuka saw the market in meeting the needs of the nation’s rising basketball stars. The first shoes were designed with a recessed sole to simulate action of an octopus’ suction cup. It’s evident in the 10 year success of its two leading, award-winning shoes, the GEL-NIMBUS and GEL KAYANO.

The ASICS brand has grown from strength to strength and have been a fore leader in their marketing on Social Media. They keep fans engaged and work hard to bring on new fans across the globe tailoring their campaigns to each global market. Here is my 4 step guide on how to be the best in social media – the ASICS WAY.

STEP 1: Sponsor a Major Event in your Industry


Lets start with associating your brand with celebrities and a key event in your industry. ASICS made the Sports Performance Yearly Award (ESPYS) their own, by being the official sports athletic brand to sponsor the events. Since 2013 ASICS have invested a lot of time, money and imagination in creating a national marketing campaign around the ESPYS Show. They incorporate everything from print collateral, digital media, on-air billboard as well as extensive branding at the ESPYS Award Night. In 2013, ASICS launched the ASICS Training Horse EPIC CHALLENGE (see video in STEP 4: Be Memorable) within the LA Live footprint on the day of the 2013 ESPYS Show.

ESPYS recognises the talents of sports professional and is hosted by infamous A-list stars. This year’s guest presenters included Michelle Obama (First Lady), Ben Affleck (Two time Academy Award Winner), Kevin Bacon (R.I.P.D.), Malin Ackerman (The Trophy Wife), Paula Patton (2 Guns), Tate Donovan (Hostages), Bill Hader (Turbo), Kerri Walsh Jennings, Tony Gonzalez, Adrian Peterson, LeBron James, Jason Sudeikis (We Are The Millers), Lake Bell (Million Dollar Arm), Michael Phelps, Ray Lewis, Gabby Douglas, Colin Kaepernick, Alex Morgan, Victor Cruz, Steve Nash, Selena Gomez (Stars Dance), Katherine Webb, Chrissy Teigen (TV Host), Sean “Diddy” Combs (Grammy Award Winner).

The 2014 winners: Peyton Manning, Broncos (Best NFL Player): Cristiano Ronaldo (Best International Athlete): Maria Sharapova (Best Female Tennis Player): Floyd Mayweather, Jr.(Best Fighter): Sage Kotsenburg,Snowboarding (Best Male Olympian) and Jamie Anderson, snowboarding (Best Female Olympian)

Previous winners consist of: The Miami Heat (Best Team): LeBron James (Best Championship Performance, Best NBA Player and Best Male Athlete): Serena Williams (Best Female Athlete and Best Female Tennis Player), Rick Pitino (Best Coach/Manager) and Candace Parker (Best WNBA Player). Floyd Mayweather (Best Fighter) Missy Franklin won Best Female Olympian for winning four Gold Medals at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Usain Bolt won Best International Athlete and Thierry Henry won the ESPY for best MLS Player.

STEP 2: Create Impactful Campaigns.
This is the ASICS way right here. Watch two years of marketing campaigns from #ASICS:

This campaign is newsworthy, because of Kerri Walsh Jennings. She is the American professional beach volleyball player and 3 Time Olympic Gold Medalist. Kerri Walsh and teammate Misty May-Treanor were the gold medalists in beach volleyball at the 2004, 2008, and 2012 Summer Olympics. They have been called “the greatest beach volleyball team of all time.

To ASICS she is personal and fun, they have nicknamed her “Six Feet of Sunshine”. If you follow her on Facebook or twitter, she is Proud wife and mommy. A great popular team ambassador for ASICS, Kerri has 201,234 Face Book Likes on her own personal page.

The campaign is interactive because of the “Kerri Cannon”. ASICS has created an interactive challenge in America where you can test your power against Kerri with the Kerri Cannon – a remote-operated spiking machine built to replicate the power and accuracy of top professional female players like Kerri. The Cannon is at all this year’s ASICS World Series of Beach Volleyball tournaments, but you can also play on-line at KerriCannon.ASICSAmerica.com.

STEP 3: Have a Hashtag


ASICS Sponsored French, Italian, Finnish and Dutch Federations, in the world-class track & field tournament in the recent 2014 European Athletics Championships in Zürich. The accompanying global media campaign was #BetterYourBest launched in February 2013. This has been a huge success in Australia with great interaction and strong celebrity support for Jamie Soward, player of the year for 2014 in the Penrith Panthers Team. ASICS knew how to give their fans a voice, and their fans love it.

STEP 4: Be Memorable

Yip it really is a “talking Horse” in San Diego, giving away free ASICS so long as you complete a series of exercises whilst having to think at the same time.

ASICS built a 16 foot tall wooden horse, which also happens to be a personal trainer and a cross training gym on wheels. The horse which is narrated by Scott Parkin, taunts people until they take the ASICS Epic challenge. Scott gets the challengers to try out the pull up bar, push ups, rope climb, Olympic rings and tsunami ropes, whilst having to engage their brain by reciting ex-boyfriends and presidents names, and even an impromptu German lesson.

Trojan Horse was made by Storyland Studios

It’s fun and engaging. All the essentials in any social media campaign. You Tube page has over 19,328 view, 11 comments and 64 likes.

In conclusion, ASICS have an enviable marketing campaign which has proven over the years that to be the best you should focus on engaging with your fans and creating impactful campaigns to keep brand awareness alive across all social media platforms. Some Social media platforms are more successful than others. Facebook and Instagram have been stand out success for ASICS, yet they do not ignore the newer platforms, they embrace them.

ASICS winning formula is simple – 4 easy steps:
STEP 1: Sponsor a Major Event in your Industry.
STEP 2: Create Impactful Campaigns.
STEP 3: Have a Hashtag. (Give your fans a voice)
STEP 4: Be Memorable

ASICS use technology to advance their product knowledge and development. They also use technology to reach out and talk to their fans, to engage with on the ASICS vision “to bring health and happiness to the people all over the world through sports.” – Motoi Oyama, President and CEO, Representative Director (http://corp.asics.com/en/about_asics)