H&M and Alexander Wang show you how to look HOT in Sportswear

Looking fit and hot in Sportswear is very much the trend this year.

Here’s how you can look hot, from H&M whom have collaborated with Alexander Wang to bring sexy back to working out.

New York DJ Jesse Marco, opened the show with hip hop and R&B music from the 90’s, LL Cool J’s “Doin it” song to Monica “Don’t take it personal(just one of them days)”. There was a guest appearance from featuring Missy Elliott to close the shoe.

What’s there not to love about this video? COLOUR PERHAPS?

The collection is limited to black, but hey, it worked for Henry Ford who famously said “You can have any colour as long as it’s black.” It will make choosing an outfit quicker too.

The fashion sport luxe look requires the right sneakers. The make models were fitted in High-tops. The photo below shows the H&M Hi-top sneakers in imitation leather and imitation suede with laces, a velcro fastener at the top and rubber soles. RRP is ££34.99 (at time of publishing)

Style inspiration from #ALEXANDERWANGxHM - New York Launch event October 16th 2014
Style inspiration from #ALEXANDERWANGxHM – New York Launch event October 16th 2014

In summary, Alexander Wang and H&M have brought us an authentic launch to some sleep sportswear. Is the Sportswear Authentic? Perhaps not, take reference from the post I wrote about EA7 Olympic 2012 collection.

I feel the Alexander Wang collection is more street savvy and bold Than EA7 Olympic collection. One thing is for sure, Alexander Wang has created Hot Sportswear for H&M.

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If you have 30 minutes, this is the live feed for the catwalk.


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