Soggy Bottoms – A Guide to What Shoes to Wear on a Rainy Day

Ever wondered what sort of shoes to you wear on a rainy day?

Leather sole shoes could mean a nasty/embarrasing slip/trip. You could ask a cobbler to add a rubber piece for the base of the heel or just a small triangle at the back of the heel. There is also the problem with leather shoes in this weather of salt stains.

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Rubber-soled shoes are a good option. Not only will the sole not be soaked, but that will prevent water seeping into the upper of the shoe as well.

Suede shoes are probably to easiest to care for in winter weather. A modern water repellent spray makes them practically invincible to water and mud and dry dirt is easy to brush off.

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Wellies might look odd with your smart suit – and then again?? Not if they are Hunter:

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This Post was inspired form the great Menswear Journalist Simon Crompton’s post. You can copy and paste this URL into your browser to read more of his great articles on mens fashion: