Suits and Lingerie are “On My Mind” – New Music

There are moments of pure joy when I am researching the news, fashion, style and videos for you …and this is certainly one.

On My Mind
Introducing an excellent songwriter and performer #LiamBailey.

Think of the sultry tones of Paul Weller: Lenny Kravitz and Amy Winehouse…..his voice is outrageous and the melody and drums are intoxicating.

That’s how I feel about Liam Bailey. What do you think? Listen to his song “On My Mind” and vote YES or NO about if you like him:

Suits and Lingerie
This song from Liam Bailey has featured in “Suits” an American Legal Drama Television Show and a steamy advert for Victoria Secrets. I thought given the two options of watching suits or lingerie you would prefer to watch lingerie. I hope I judged you well? Enjoy the short video below:

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