Muc-Off, will it bring your MOJO back and keep you dry?

Rain, rain and more rain. Being a keen cyclist, rain can really get you down. You rely on your kit to be waterproof, but what happens when it looses it’s waterproof qualities? How do you keep you and your stuff dry?

Care for your Bike and your Clothes
Most cyclists are familiar with Muc-Off who’s products can make light work of cleaning bikes but, did you know they also can protect your gear?

Join me today as I product test the Muc-Off Fabric Protect

Product Test

Muc-Off Fabric Protect promises to waterproof your outdoor gear (all fabrics from clothes to shoes) and bring back their MOJO. All for £10.00 (RRP at time of posting).


This is a video for a product test of the “Fabric Protect” from Muc-Off. Produced and filmed by Talking Men’s Shoes. Presented by Fiona Wyatt. It reflects a statement of the critic’s own opinions and own product testing based on one test in light to medium drizzle/rain conditions. It is felt that this product is at least equal to other competitor products which protect and waterproof material.

No money was paid for this test/endorsement.

BUYER BE WARNED: follow manufacturers guidance and product warnings before applying to materials. Talking Men’s Shoes and Fiona Wyatt are not liable to any faults/damage caused by using Muc-Off .