Such Curiosity in Mr Hare the Man of Black Fashion

I am infatuated with Marc Hare, the man, the brand and the writer. The man has it all: Looks, talent, humour and style. Just take a look at Marc’s blog posts and his about you page. How engaging is he? The posts read like your favourite book or magazine.

If you have not heard of Mr Hare, then it is my absolute pleasure to introduce the brand where style is the name of the game. Whilst visiting the website you’ll see it’s no ordinary shopping trip. You are enticed to sign up to the newsletter with tongue in cheek:

10 out of 10 previous signees are glad they did| Mr Hare newsletter

Black Fashion – What does it mean?
Whilst you shop you can listen to “Music from the Heavens” a selection of music videos chosen by those at Mr Hare (I like to believe all choose by Marc Hare himself). Marc Hare has stamped his unique style and love of music and fun in his vision of the “Black Fashion” way – a reference to the fact the shoes are designed for night-time to go and have fun in, dance with friends and look stylish.

Since 2009, Founder Marc Hare has designed, launched and promoted his brand Mr Hare in the UK. He has successfully earnt a reputation for making contemporary handmade men’s shoes that stand the test of time. Prior to his successful launch Marc had a various creative roles in the UK fashion world, such as PR and Marketing, shoe design and opening a boutique and surf shop in London.

Are you a Mr Hare Man?
His premier collection in 2009 was named “Purest Form” – Marc started selling Oxford and Derby shoes by creating the aspirational man in a quote where he describes the man this collection is aimed at:

“A swan amongst geese, worldly in the modern way and as rural as urban. Equipped with charm and good humour” | Marc Hare – 2009

The SS10 collection was called “Hot Steppers” and took it’s inspiration from the Dancehall scene. Around this time, Marc bloggs about putting men in heels……2.5inch heels. The London Fashion Week was a great time to showcase the outcome of the men in heels with the following shoes: Truffaut, Bazin and Godard and appropriately named the AW10 collection “Miss Your Air”

I could write a biography of Mr Hare, but then why would I when Marc Hare has already done it and of course, done it in his own stylish, engaging writing style? If you want to know more, Marc invites you to take him for lunch or visit him sometime.

The Future is a Ready To Wear Men’s Shoe
In conclusion, I shall eagerly await the Spring 2016, Mr Hare Collection. Marc is beginning another great chapter to his story. Mr Hare will be extending their Men’s 36 men’s piece clothes line and high-end shoes: to include ready to wear men’s shoe collection.

If you can’t wait until then, enjoy his “Tutto Nero” collection now. The range was extended in AW2014 so that the Mr Hare Shopper can:

“Work and play, slow and fast, indoors and outdoors, one person, every situation”| Mr Hare AW14

Bring on the Black Fashion Mr Hare and please keep us curious forever.

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