Will the All Blacks Win the Rugby World Cup with Incurza boots?

The Rugby World Cup 2015, will surely rank as one of the best opening weekends of sport ever. The much publicised defeat of South Africa by Japan, has been described as the greatest Rugby World Cup if not Sporting shock EVER.

Japan beats South Africa in the Rugby World Cup 2015
Japan celebrating their heroic victory over South Africa in the opening weekend of the Rugby World Cup 2015


The Force of the Black Pack
Japan beat South Africa on the narrowest of margins of 34 – 32. So it is fitting to remind you of another sporting shock that featured Japan……..In the 1995 Rugby World Cup; New Zealand scored 145 – 17 against Japan – this was publicised as the greatest point difference ever in a World Cup Rugby game.

So what has this got to do with shoes?
You will also have read, heard, seen that New Zealand the current world champions, have chosen to go retro for their rugby strip and have gone “all black” including their boots. Here to talk you through and show you these boots is a brilliant short video from the You Tube channel called “Football Boots”. It’s an excellent technical video which also considers which rugby boot will also suit footballers. Watch, learn and enjoy:

Take a look at the All Black Adidas Rugby Boot

This reminds me of a post I wrote called “Cleats and Heroes”– which features a write up on Adidas football boots. It’s well worth having another read.

I conclude on what I consider one of the best lines in this video:

Will the Incurza boot with it’s kicking zone make all the difference “in the winning or loosing” of the “world cup”?