Back to the Future II- Looking at the Technology and Shoes 26 years on

It might not have escaped your notice, but it has been 26 years since the release of Back to the Future II.

Which companies are releasing Back to the Future II products?
The universe is commentating on how much of the film is now reality. We eagerly await October 21 2015: when Marty McFly visits the future. So much so, there’s even a countdown.

Halographic 3D Jaws 19 scene from Back to the Future II
Halographic 3D Jaws 19 scene from Back to the Future II

Brands and companies, who appeared in the original film are using this opportunity to create products and memorabilia to celebrate. For example, do you remember the scene where Marty walks onto the Courthouse Square and views the future? He ducks from a holographic 3D Jaws 19? As we all know, only four Jaws movies were filmed. So, Universal Pictures have created a trailer for Jaws19.

Whilst this trailer is very funny, I prefer to post this completely mad cap video from Eddache. Ed felt that he needed to film all the Jaws before the 21st October 2015 for the greater safety of man and to ensure the creation of the hoverboard. Thank you Ed. I particularly love the ‘Fifty Scales of Grey – where Jaws learns love’

Arx Pax
Thankfully a company called Arx Pax has designed a hoverboard and it’s called the Hendo Hoverboard. You can read about their story by clicking on the link the credits. To See how cool it is, watch Tony Hawk giving it a test drive. I think I would be sick if it started spinning around on me, but then I don’t have $10,000 to spare, so I won’t need to worry about buying one anytime soon:

Cubs future is here fan. Celebrating Back to the Future II

Chicago Cubs fans are putting their hopes into the newspaper heading on the ‘USA Today’ headline to become reality. It stated that “Cubs sweep series in 5”, this was against Miami on October 22nd. Look at the twitter feeds from fans and you’ll see statements such as “to fulfil their prophecy”.

Let’s get to the Shoe’s after all, this is a blog on shoes. Back to The Future Part II featured one of the most iconic movie shoes. Do you remember the illuminating, self lacing sneakers? Nike intend to release a limited edition of Nike Air MAGS with weight sensors in the sole which will activate motorised rollers for the lacing system. This is an improvement on their release in 2014, which featured illumination but not the self lacing feature from the movie. The price and release date are still a big secret, however Sneaker News, are hinting that the price could be around $7,000.

Photo Source:
Photo Source:

If you can’t wait for the release date, Universal are selling their sell out versions from last Halloween – you can shop for them eBay priced in-between £86-£160 at time of publishing. HOWEVER, do you really want to compromise? Watch this video from Complex – Sole Collector and see the differences between the Nike MAGS and the Universal copy.

So here’s the future today, buy yourself a DeLorean DMC-12 car, and pre-order your Hendo Hoverboard and Nike Air MAGS, it’s time to fly in style….oh and don’t forgot your Pepsi limited edition cola yip they are in on the act too. A bottle will cost of ¢20.15 per bottle (you see what they did there, CLEVER).

in 2015 Pepsi gets Perfect

The Cost to Be today’s Marty McFly?
Potential price of being the 2015 Marty McFly: $63,020.15. Start raiding your piggy banks.

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