Renaming Loafer’s with a Little Help from a Friend – Ringo the Celebrity Star for Skechers

An industry Giant has decided to rename the iconic loafer. Skechers are no strangers to outrageous campaigns so they may well be the Company strong enough to rebrand a shoe icon. So why choose the Loafer? If you look up loafer in the Dictionary and you will find:

a person who avoids work and spends their time idly.
synonyms: idler, layabout, good-for-nothing, ne’er-do-well, do-nothing, lounger, shirker, sluggard, slug, laggard, slugabed, malingerer; More
a leather shoe shaped like a moccasin, with a flat heel.
“his handmade Italian loafers”

Skechers History
Skechers are Number 2 in the US Sports Footwear Market (Source: WSJ.Com). In less than four years, Skechers have moved from being ranked number 4 in the Athletic Footwear Industry in terms of sales in the US to number 2, beating Adidas, ASICS and New Balance. This is a remarkable feat for a relatively new entry into the footwear industry especially when the brand is based more on it’s Streetwear credibility rather than its athletic performance.

Skechers Logo (Source: Vamp Footwear)

Formed in 1992, Skechers are known for aggressive advertising and their celebrity endorsements. The have courted Sports and Rock Stars in order to increase brand awareness. Stars such as Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Meghan Trainor and their newest star; Demi Lovato have increased their brand presence. The Commercial for Demi has had 4,508,726 views on You Tube at the time of publishing this article.

Some of the male celebrities to have endorsed Skechers are Sugar Ray Leonard and Joe Montana, in commercials bordering on cheesy with a bit of tongue in cheek. Montana’s commercial for the RelaxedFIT range in the US has had 5,864 views You Tube March 12th 2014.

Ringo Star in the “Rock Out in Comfort Campaign”
The Newest Male celebrity endorsement comes from an absolute Rock Hero, Ringo Star. The “Rock Out In Comfort” campaign aims to change the terminology used in the footwear industry from Loafers to Faris. ‘Footwear Today’ reported that the renaming is political correctness overkill led by the perception that loafers are associated with someone who avoids work and is seen as couch potato. This is not the image first created by the Moccasin styled shoe which conveyed a sense of elegance and timeless style.

Since April 12th 2015, the Ringo Commercial has had 44,373 views on You Tube and you can see it here:

The Shoes that appear in the video are:

Skecher's RelaxedFIT Loafers as advertised by Ringo Star
Skecher’s RelaxedFIT Loafers as advertised by Ringo Star

The construction details of the Faris
Footwear Focus have put together the construction details of the Faris:

Men’s Relaxed Fit: Superior – Faris Comfort Shoes
Stretch out and enjoy the style of the SKECHERS Relaxed Fit®: Superior – Faris shoe. Soft stretch elastic mesh fabric upper and smooth faux leather upper in a slip on casual comfort loafer with stitching and overlay accents. Memory Foam insole.
• Soft woven stretchable elastic mesh fabric upper
• Smooth faux leather overlay panels
• Slip on casual comfort loafer design
• Stitching accents
• Stitched turned seam moc toe front
• Front, side and heel stitched seam detail
• Skechers side logo accent
• Heel panel with pull on fabric top tab
• Dual side stretch fabric panels for easy slip on fit
• Soft fabric shoe lining
• Unlined stretch fabric interior panels for stretchable soft comfort fit
• Relaxed Fit® design for a roomy comfortable fit
• Memory Foam cushioned comfort insole
• Shock absorbing midsole
• Contrast coloured midsole detail
• Flexible rubber traction outsole

Retail Price : £62.00

Is the Faris here to stay?
Will the Faris name change be an industry wide name changer, is it here to stay? Have your say by answering the quick poll below.



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