Lordy Lordy. The Top 5 Men’s Shoe Designers for 2015.

12 Days of Christmas and Men’s Shoes
Hello #TMSGents and welcome if this is your first look at Talking Men’s Shoes. In honour of the “12 Days of Christmas”; I have been asked to write a post relating to men’s fashion in particular shoes in the context of ’10 Lords a leaping’.

As you may or may not know, the carol celebrates the 12 days of Christmas from December 25th to January 5th. It is a cumulative song of 12 Increasingly grand gifts. It was reported in December 2013, by ‘New York Post’; that the cost of these gifts were:

Buying a set of the gifts named in the classic holiday carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas” will cost a true love $27,393| New York Post| December 3, 2013

So how does 10 Lords a leaping have any link to shoes? It’s all in the science of first impressions. Scientists studied people’s first impressions of someone based on their shoes and found:

(people) accurately judged the age, gender, income, and attachment anxiety of shoe owners based solely on the pictures (of their shoes)|Science Direct| August 2012.

What would someones first impression be of you, based on you shoes?

Is it time for you to have a shoe cull?

To help on this quest of linking the 12 days of Christmas with helping you make a great first impression, look no further than my top 5 shoe designers/producers for 2015:

Top 5 Men’s Shoe Designers for 2015
1. I have chosen Nike as my number one shoe designer for 2015. Nike push the boundaries of performance and style. I love that you can have what you want with the ‘NikeiD’ Custom Shop. Simply choose one of their 10 best sellers, customise it to create your own style or add a different plate or midsole to improve your performance for your sport. Genius idea that is winner all around.

If that wasn’t enough, Nike will be giving all proceeds raised from the sale of the eagerly awaited 2015 Air Mags to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research.

Photo Source: Hypebeast.com
Photo Source: Hypebeast.com

Nike intend to release a limited edition of Nike Air MAGS with weight sensors in the sole which will activate motorised rollers for the lacing system. The 2015 Air MAGS will only be available through an auction which is planned for Spring 2016 according to the ‘Nike News’ Page.

On a personal note, Nike were the inspiration for one of my favourite blog post of 2015: ‘Back to the Future II- Looking at the Technology and Shoes 26 years on‘. Click on the link, sit back and enjoy the read.

2. Adidas epitomises sports performance and fashion. The market leaders in sourcing the top sports personalities and teams to act as their brand ambassadors. They are the brand behind the current Rugby World Champions New Zealand with the ‘All Black Incurza Rugby Boot’ and soccer boot choice for Real Madrid. Other famous sports personalities include Messi, Maria Sharapova, Novak Djokovic (Tennis Shoes only) and Jessica Ennis.

Adidas continue to lead the way of showing us fashion meets function, collaborating with stars such as Pharrell Williams and Kanye West. Adidas have teamed up with designers such as Stan Smith, Stella McCartney and Japanese designer y-3. The brand court pop stars such as Run DMC and Rita Ora and even the mighty brand of Disney. So it is true, you can have fashion and function, but can it be sustainable and ethical? Well, they are giving it a go. Read this link to see how and where. Thank you Adidas.

3. Marc Hare is the founder and designer of Mr Hare Shoes. He is an all round superstar (with excellent taste in music) who won ‘Consumer and Retail Leader of the Year – 2015’ Black Business Award. Follow MOBO news on #RiseWithUs. Marc was a nominee for the prestigious title of ‘Emerging Menswear Designer’ from London College of Fashion. For all you TMS Gents, you can’t go wrong by taking inspiration from Mr Hare who brings style, fashion and function. Shop the look at Mr Hare

Mr Hare Cobalt Arno Loafer RRP£240 (at time of posting)
Mr Hare Cobalt Arno Loafer RRP£240 (at time of posting)

4. Ben Minkoff Shoes is the new venture to an already well established brand. To me the Uri Minkoff shoe is simple and stylish, a timeless classic in the making perhaps? Shop one of the key looks off the catwalk in 2015 the double Monk Strap look here at the Uri Minkoff Store

Ben Minkoff is now designing men's shoes.  Double Monk Strap in Oxblood.
Ben Minkoff is now designing men’s shoes. Double Monk Strap in Oxblood.

5. Clarks is a brand with one of the most enduring design the ‘Desert Boot’. The boot was inspired by the ‘Rat Boys’ who fought in the desert. The style was adopted by cultures as diverse as the Mods to the Reggae movement in Jamaica. Clarks (or namely the Desert boot) stands for resistance and determination, which has shaped fashion for cultural movements. 2015 marked the 65th birthday of the Desert Boot and that is why it deserves it’s fifth position. The YouTube link below is entertaining and worth a look.

A Poll – Which is your Top Designer for 2015?
This blog post was inspired by the ’12 Days of Christmas’ and my friend Zoe Wilkins (who twisted my arm into coming out of hibernation and writing). It is my round-up of the top 5 men’s Shoe designers for 2015. I hope it inspires and entertains, but it may well divide as well…..so cast your vote. Who is the number 1 shoe designer for 2015? Don’t forget to Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your gran….Thank you.

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