Adidas Original and its History – It’s Here to Create!

The preferred choice of sportswear for professionals and athletes around the world, Adidas has come a long way from its humble origins in the 1920s. Fans of this iconic brand would be interested to know that Adidas holds the distinction of being the first sporting goods company to be named the official sponsor of the World Cup in 1998. For more such fascinating tidbits, check out the below infographic from EstCasuals!

Infograph into the history of the adidas brand, from its humble beginnings to its position of global leadership today, and all the steps and obstacles that lay in between, getting to know the brand we all love that bit better. produced by Tobias Dean

Tobias Dean - key accounts manager at EstCasualsBio: Tobias Dean

Serving as key accounts manager at EstCasuals, Tobias Dean spends the majority of his time planning content strategies that grow client visibility.

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