Butts and Shoulders Goodyear Welted Boots; be Part of the Select Club.

Ever thought of a shoe as an asset? What if the more you wear it the more beautiful it gets? That is the design behind the new Boot from the Dutch Company “Butts and Shoulders”.

Founders of Butts and Shoulders
Butts and Shoulders Founders: Dirk Hens, Hans Boons & Wouter Munnichs (not in photo, Jose Boons). Source In De Mode| 2nd June 2014
Butts and Shoulders formed two years ago and started by making travelling bags. The team consists of Hans, Jose, Dirk & Wouter and they firmly believe in quality for life by using what they consider the best part of the leather, the butt and the shoulders. Their ethos is to ensure it is kept as natural as possible, using virgin rather than tanned leather, pure leather without any pigment.

The sun, rain and spots will give the boots more character. The more you will use it, the more beautiful it gets | Butts and Shoulders| Wouter Munnichs | March 2016.

Perhaps we are all returning to simplicity given the complexity of our lives. The launch of the new boot seems to have been executed perfectly. I love the marketing campaign on their Facebook page called “Sneak Boot Wednesday” – where a video has been uploaded of the development, design and final boot. The campaign adds to the allure of making the owner of the boot, an owner of a private members club. With only 100 boots being made, the owners of the boot are a select club of 100 people. The

Goodyear Welted boots were designed in Holland and manufactured in Portugal in December 2015. RRP €395.00 – go on this link: The Boots| Butts and Shoulders.

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