Stop Wearing These 3 Shoes and Start Wearing These 3

A shoe has so much more to offer than just a walk. Shoes transform your body language and attitude, they lift you physically and emotionally.


Hardy Amies once said: “It is totally impossible to be well dressed in cheap shoes.
This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on your shoes, but a moderate investment combined with knowledge of the right pairs to acquire will surely make a huge difference when it comes to your style. So gentlemen, if you think you are well dressed, take a second to look down your shoes and see if you are right.
Any time I meet someone for the first time, after the way they are styled, the next thing that grabs my attention is his shoes. Every now and then, I see guys especially in corporate establishment, rocking a nice outfit – neatly cut well-fitting suit, nice shirt and tie, wonderful wrist wear and belt, but the shoe – hmm – the shoe is nothing to write home about. It’s either it’s not the right shoe that should go well with outfit (e.g. wearing suit with flat loafers and socks) or just not the right shoe for ANY occasion … yeah I really mean any occasion. You know those kind of shoes that should have gone into extinction together with lost species (for e.g. The all-famous Square-Toed Shoe).


Funny enough, I still see people wear the square toed shoe and after I saw it again this morning when I stopped by an eatery to grab breakfast, I knew it was the good Lord speaking to me …”Son write about this!
So as I’ve been commanded, I’m sharing these 3 men’s shoe types you need to stop buying and alternative shoe types you should buy instead. Enjoy!




1. Avoid Square-Toed Shoes

This is that One Pair of Shoe You Should Never, Ever Buy! Avoid square-toe shoes by all means – Clunky Square-toed shoes were so popular in the 90s, fashion has now strayed far away from this non-classic look and they should never come back into fashion. They’re clunky, they’re not elegant, they’re not stylish, they usually come in form of lace-up or sometimes they come in loafers. They look horrible and you should avoid them at all cost. So if you still have them in your shoe closet, please discard them and get some slimmer and much more attractive shoes.
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2. Avoid Overly-pointy shoes

Avoid extremely pointy shoes, especially those that raise up at the toe. Those kind of shoes are made for elves and unless you are an elf, you shouldn’t be wearing it. It just doesn’t look good and I know I have said this before in the previous article on shoes and believe me I will say it again because it just doesn’t seem to get through. A shoe should never be too pointy, too round or too square, they send the wrong message.


3. Avoid Rubber Sole Dress Shoe


Men should absolutely avoid buying rubber sole dress shoes. Unfortunately this is a very common style sin! One main reason why men go for rubber soled dress shoes is because they are often more affordable than quality, leather soled dress shoes. But the truth is dress shoes are dressy, therefore you need a quality leather sole to go with it. Another disadvantage is that rubber soles could be dangerous when walking on slippery or wet surfaces, a good leather sole won’t let water in even if it’s raining.
You have heard it, now let’s go over to the type of shoes you should own.



Every man needs at least one a pair a Monk Strap (double monk strap), Brogue Shoe (Derby Wingtips) and Oxford Shoe.

1. Brogues

Brogues were traditionally considered to be outdoor or country footwear and not appropriate for casual or business occasions, but in this modern age they come in a number of variations and are so versatile such that they are suitable for all occasions no matter what you are wearing – jeans, trousers or chinos. Brown Brogues can be dressed up or down while the black ones go for work or for fancy nights out.


2. Oxfords

Originally, Oxfords were plain, formal shoes, made of leather but they evolved into a range of styles suitable for both formal and casual wear. This variation of the brogue brings you an altogether different look. The classic Oxford is just the right shoe for that special occasion that you might be required to attend. You can choose a plain toe or cap toe, but stay away from the broguing, or decoration. So buy at least one pair of Oxfords and always make sure to keep them polished and shiny.


3. Monk Strap


Gents, this is the dress shoe of the season and they are for the bold stylish gentleman. Single or double, monk strap shoes are a fantastic option. They are a great way to stand out from the crowd (because hardly do guys wear them). So if you want a break from laces every now and then, a stunning pair of monk straps is the answer. Isn’t it time you joined the order of the monk-strap?



Shoes are one of the most important aspects of your wardrobe – this goes for both men and women. They are the first thing people notice, they speak louder than your words, so it’s important to choose and invest wisely. Even if your outfit is top-notch, people will think less highly of you if you are not putting on nice shoes. Next time you think this is a small detail that goes unnoticed, ask a lady friend her opinion on your shoes.

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  • Clarisse Ringwald

    Fabulous article Kobi. I am pleased you covered this topic. I also share with my male clients that they need to keep their shoes polished and in good condition. Women pay attention to men’s shoes more often than their car keys! If a man thinks enough about himself to keep his shoes polished, he will treat the woman in his life with great care as well.