Pick ‘n’ Mix Shoes, Freedom for Travellers -Shooz have it, do you?

What if shoes were light, flexible and easy to pack? Providing freedom to pack several shoes for the space and weight of one pair; would you be interested? With Shooz you choose the sole, the skin and create your style of either casual, sporty or classy.

“Since the Skins take up the space of a T-shirt and lay completely flat in luggage or backpacks, they’re easy to pack and travel with”

Photo of Edoardo Iannuzzi
Edoardo Iannuzzi, the founder of Shooz
Edoardo Iannuzzi, the founder created these shoes for himself and now Shooz are taking pre-orders until 30th of July and shippings will be between 15th and 30th September. Prices start from £50.00

See more at their website: www.shoozmadeinitaly.com or watch their kickstarter video: