5 Reasons Why you Should buy, Dad Shoes.

What’s the first image you have of “Dad Shoes”?

Dad Shoes?
Dad Shoes?

If you do a search on “Dad Shoes” you’ll see NBA player Stephen Curry’s name all over it. He’s being mocked for his new white sneakers the “Curry Two Low” collaboration with Under Armour. Watch a clip from Jimmy Kimmel (June 2016) to gain an appreciation of the mockery:

What’s the fuss over Dad’s Shoes?
You see here’s the thing, Dad’s helped us take our first steps, perhaps got us into a sport we love, so why wouldn’t we help them? Older men tend to ignore health problems with their feet. This can impact their mobility and confidence. How many times have you said, “Hiya Dad, how are you?”- “All good, I’m fine”….however if you asked them how are their feet today? How’s the back? I’m sure they would say painful.

Many mobility issues could be due to the wrong footwear. As you age, your foot size could change. It could go up an entire size. If your dad is proud and/or stubborn, he might have difficulty coming to terms with the impact of getting old. His shoes most probably no longer fit as comfortably as they could….perhaps he should have a bigger size or an easier style of shoe to slip on and off.

Five Tips on how to buy Dad’s Shoes:
Here are some top tips for shopping for your dad’s shoes from Cosyfeet Footwear:

1. If your Dad’s feet are very wide or swollen, look for footwear with an extra wide fitting.

2. Tight footwear can cause in-growing toe nails & likely to make an existing bunion worse. There should be 1 /2 inch (1cm) of space between the longest toe and the end of the shoe. Ensure there is enough width in the shoe to accommodate the whole foot – there should be no pressure on the joints on the sides of the foot. (Do not rely on leather shoes stretching.)

3. Loose fitting footwear is known to cause falls. Shoes shouldn’t slip at the back. If the shoe slips when walking, push the heel to the back of the shoe, then try altering the laces or straps to improve the fit against the foot.

4. Feet tend to swell a little during the day, so buy shoes in the afternoon when the feet are at their largest.

5. You might be eligible for VAT relief on their footwear if your dad has a chronic medical condition that affects the feet, such as diabetes or oedema.

If in doubt, why not speak to the experts at Cosyfeet footwear by visiting www.cosyfeet.com or call 01458 447275 to request a free catalogue.

Jamie Foxx is the voice of the Under Armour advert for the Curry Two. His motivational speech encourages basketball players to make changes because, it could make all the difference. Sounds like the advice my dad has given throughout my life. Why not have that conversation with your dad about his shoes? Who know’s, it could help him get back on his feet.

This is dedicated to my Dad, whose love and support I value daily.