Vintage Americana Flair in Large Shoe Sizes

Original Penguin Boot
Original Penguin Night. Price £85.00
News on the Shoes is that Walktall has teamed up with Original Penguin. Now men can shop shoe sizes from 12 – 15.

Original Penguin is a US brand with its roots in the 1950s and 60s. Its distinctive styling makes it a popular choice for casual clothing with ‘vintage Americana’ flair. You can see why Walktall have joined with Original Penguin to bring style to men with larger feet.

Photo of Original Penguin Hostle Suede Shoe
Original Penguin Hostle Suede Shoe. Price £80.00
“Men with large size feet have a tough time finding shoes to fit in traditional bricks and mortar stores,“ says Walktall Director James Lockyer. “Our mission is to correct that situation by offering the widest possible choice in large sizes. Working with Original Penguin gives our customers the chance to wear this exciting brand, with a distinctive designer style all of its own.”

If you have large feet, shopping for shoes can be all to limiting in style. Walktall sells the UK’s biggest range of shoes and socks for men in large sizes. As well as designing and making an own-brand range of large size footwear (including formals and deck shoes) and socks, Walktall offers over 50 different brands of footwear in sizes 12-19 from around the world.

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Photo of Men's Shoe
Original Penguin La
Price £80.00
Photo of Original Penguin Hostle Suede Tan Shoe
Original Penguin Hostle Suede Tan Shoe. Price £80