Christmas, what Will you Find Under the Tree?

Five more days until the festive celebrations begin. Whilst some of you will be fortunate enough to get an Apple Watch or Sonos System, some of you will be getting …….SLIPPERS.

Man in Slippers
Homeys Slipper from Walktall. Available in sizes 12 upwards from £33

Yip, time to practice the fake smile and get online for boxing day sales to buy what you really wanted from Santas big sack.

Luckily, being a shoe blog and all, I bring joy (or Misery) to those of you who are a size 12 and above. I love how Walktall have brought a bit of naughty to the table with their “Bedroom Athletic Brands”
With a price offering from £25-£65 there is something fury or super cool and leather for all from Walktall.

Photo of Walktall Slippers
Slippers from Walktall. Available in size 12 upwards.

In the spirit of all things fun, I found this cracker of a kids advert about “Sir One Eyed Monster” fnarr fnarr

In my twisted little mind I somehow linked bedroom slippers to this sexy little song “I feel it coming” from The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk. Festive greeting my fetish friends. Make it a great one.