Tall Runners Need Great Running Shoes

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Source: Canadian Running Magazine
The human body is a miraculous machine that can take us to many places and enable us to do many things. If we’re tall, there are certain special considerations for taking the best possible care of our ‘machine’.

What happens to the joints of taller runners?
Physics dictates that taller runners suffer greater impact stresses on their lower limb joints as they run. Pounding pavements can take its toll on hip joints, knees and ankles. If trail running is your bag, a supportive, well fitting shoe becomes even more imperative. Pounding uneven, off road terrain can also contribute to joint stresses and strains.

Whether you’re training for a Marathon, trail running or you simply enjoy a regular cardio fitness run in the park, it’s well worth taking care of your joints to keep you running well for decades to come.

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If you’re shoe size 12+, ASICS have provided a great choice in styles with inbuilt GEL shock absorbing technology. The GEL cushioning which is visible in the rear foot, gives you bounce and protection from impact. Other clever features are the FluidRide 2.0 which provides the ultimate combination of cushioning and bounce back properties and durability. The stretchable fabric at the bunion aims to cut the risk of blisters. ASICS use technology to inspire such as the “MY ASICS” training plan/ apps which aims to take your running to the next level.

Where can I buy larger sized sneakers?
Walktall have stocked up on ASICS running shoes as the running season reaches fever pitch. Walktall offers free UK returns and exchanges on all unworn purchases. To check out all size 12+ ASICS styles visit www.walktall.co.uk.

Not sure how to clean your running shoes?
Follow these 3 tips:

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1. Wash the sock-liner or insole separately. Change or wash the laces.
2. Remove surface dirt with a brush or toothbrush and wash clean with warm water and non abrasive soap
3. Dry your shoes naturally and don’t put them near/on a radiator. Stuff the shoe with newspaper

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