I strive towards success. My endeavours have gained a degree in Economics and Geography, I tell people it was to enable me to travel the world on a budget. In honesty it was because I wanted to know more about why urban geography has developed how it has and what role economics has on urbanisation. My career has been sales since I left University. First in Media sales, then business to business Nutritional drink sales and finally financial sales. During this time of learning how to build a business, I achieved a diploma in Finance. My Brother Gavan, asked an important question at the beginning of my career which has moulded my decisions since. "Do you want to be heavily involved in decision making and have your actions immediately impact a business? My Dad, Will Corry made the choice even easier "Fiona, use someone's else's money to learn from your mistakes". And my mom has achieved more than anyone in my family by having grit, determination and patience. So I have learnt from wise people who love me and know I am ready to put my learnings to practice.