About Talking Men’s Shoes

Hi I am Fiona Wyatt, the content curator & MD of Talking Men’s Shoes.

I can’t believe it’s been almost on year of publishing articles about Men’s Shoes and the Fashion Industry.

Here is our Annual Report (i.e. the real readers behind the blog, you and where you live and what you have liked the most about Talking Men’s Shoes in 2014. Enjoy the read:


What is Talking Men’s Shoes?

A Bit More About the Founder: Fiona Wyatt

I used to be a stockbroker and worked in Personal Finance. So I am used to hard work and stress, but what really I wanted was the freedom to work the hours I choose and from anywhere. This is very valuable as I am training throughout the year to compete in triathlons. I am by no means a great athlete, my husband and friends often beat my times. What I love about triathlons is the satisfaction of doing it, and the improvements to your body shape are great!!!

I started this Blog/Vlog because I love business and I am very keen on fashion, particularly men’s shoes. Yes I did say men’s shoes, I believe it started at my first job in Russell & Bromley and then was fuelled when I looked after the mens shoe department in M&S in Bath.

I love that my day consists of looking at pictures, videos and even attending fashion shows so that I am updated on new trends. It is exciting and fun and to earn a living from it is a privilege.

This Blog is aimed at you…..

Whether you are in the industry or you are just like me and want to know what is going on.

I hope it inspires, perhaps educates, but most of all get’s you sharing.

The success of this blog/vlog depends on whether you like it and how many people you share it with. I can’t wait to hear your feedback, and would strongly encourage you to write your own piece or create a video. It is truly fun and rewarding.

So, subscribe (and be in the monthly draw to win some chocolate to enjoy whilst reading) and go spread the news (which should help keep a roof over my head) by sharing.